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Zoning For Land


Zoning For Dollars
Original Air Date  Thursday March 1, 2012

U.S. real estate is on sale right now and we're having a blue light special on land. Many cash strapped local governments are more willing than ever to approve new projects.

The timing has never been better to buy properties and rezone them to increase the value. Fortunes have been made rezoning properties to higher and better uses.  Join show host Michael Bull as he interviews leading zoning attorneys on best practices and winning strategies to create value by rezoning properties.

If you have questions related to buying or selling properties or zoning for dollars, send them to or call 888-612-SHOW.

Bank and Servicer Strategies

Bank and Servicer Strategies
Original Air Date: 02/23/2012

This show provides an update and best practices for banks and servicers related to non-performing notes, short sales, and OREO. 

Tom Fink with Trepp begins the show with an update on CMBS loan defaults and he helps get a handle on the situation with upcoming maturities.

Then an update from Fig Partners on U.S. banks. The health of banks is an important part of the recovery, especially for commercial real estate. We will get an update on the health of banks including the amount of non performing debt, OREO, new loan production levels and the economic outlook for banks moving forward.

Topics include:

- Successful short sale strategies
- Best practices related to participation loans
- Proven strategies fro OREO marketing
- Maximizing asset value for lenders
- Selling notes for top dollar
- Mistakes banks should avoid





Current Issues with Appraisals & Property Tax Assessments


Current Issues with Appraisals & Property Tax Assessments
Original Air Date: 02/16/2012

As property values vary widely in this cycle, property tax assessments values have become big issues for lenders, property owners and governments. Michael interviews assessment experts as they share tips and best practices related to tax assessments.

As the recovery drags on, appraisers have been extremely important for lender oriented decisions. We speak to leaders in the industry for an inside look at the issues, trends and best practices.

Twitter for Business


Twitter for Business
Original Air Date: 2/09/12

The Twitter for Business show offers keen insight for beginning and advanced uses of twitter. Michael and his guests share tips and best practices to boost your business with twitter.

  • Why businesses should consider using twitter.
  • Quick overview of twitter basics and protocol.
  • Twitter use best practices for success.
  • Considerations for corporate practices and procedures.
  • Advanced twitter techniques & tools for power users.
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