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Current Trends Impacting Office Property Values via Morningstar Credit Ratings

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Michael and Morningstar Credit Ratings Vice President Steve Jellinek discuss the current office sector trends and their impact on office property values and financing.

Office Design Trends and Tenant Strategies with Champions IFM

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Francina Price, President of Champions IFM, joins Michael in-studio to discuss office facility trends to attract and retain talent, develop your brand, and lower costs.

Social Media Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Industry Participants

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Michael and other commercial real estate social media influencers share tips and strategies for CRE industry participants.

Should commercial real estate developers, property owners, and industry service providers be more involved in social media. Is it worth the time and/or money? Which social media sites are most effective for various CRE participants? What should be the main mission and focus to keep social media endeavors most effective? What are the benefits and detriments of 1) doing in yourself / in-house, and 2) of out-sourcing it? What are some tips to keep social media from taking too much time? How do you measure return on investment / success?

Office Sector Update from RC Analytics

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Jim Costello with RC Analytics joins Michael to discuss office market performance and how changing demographics are driving office growth in suburban markets.

Ports and Transportation - Keeping Industrial Moving

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Bart Gobeil, Senior Director of Economic Development & Governmental Affairs with the Georgia Port Authority, joins Michael via Skype to discuss how shipping and logistics are affecting the industrial real estate market.

Industrial: Still a Favored Sector?

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Larry Callahan, CEO of Pattillo Industrial, joins Michael in-studio to give a developer's perspective on the industrial market. Property values are still strong, but how will oncoming tariffs affect the market? Watch to find out!

NAR Economic and Commercial Outlook-Investor Sentiment and Sector Outlook

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George Ratiu, Chief Economist with NAR, joins Michael to discuss their 2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook. Topics include investor sentiment, cap and vacancy rates, and which sectors are performing.

Power Your Investments with Cost Segregation & Opportunity Zones

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Strategies to increase returns on this weeks show. In the first segment learn how cost segregation can quickly improve after tax returns, sometimes dramatically. In the second segment learn three ways you can boost returns utilizing Opportunity Zones.

Industrial Development Trends

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Larry Callahan, CEO of Pattillo Industrial, joins Michael in-studio to give his perspective on the industrial development trends.

PwC’s Mitch Roschelle on 2019 Now

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PwC Partner & Business Development Leader Mitch Roschelle joins Michael in-studio to give his analysis of the real estate market in 2019.

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