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Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate from the Counselors of Real Estate

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Join host Michael Bull and Joseph Nahas, CRE, as they discuss the top ten issues affecting real estate. For the first time in the publications history, the Counselors of Real Estate have broken down the report in to the top 5 issues affecting real estate short term, and the top 5 issues affecting real estate long term.

Real Page on the Performance of Student Housing

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Taylor Gunn, Director of Student Housing for Real Page, provides an update on the student housing market in the U.S.

The Future of Restaurants

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Michael Bull with guests Eric and Robin Gagnon discuss the current state and future of the restaurant business as well as the impact on the commercial real estate industry including tips for landlords, restauranteurs, lenders and their advisors.

Senior Housing Investment Strategies

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Ernie Anaya, VP of the Senior Housing Group at Bull Realty joins Michael in Studio One to break down strategies for investors looking at the senior housing market.

Self Storage CAP Rates Predicted to Rise 1.25% in Next 12 Months!

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Michael and Barbara Denham, Economist wit REIS discuss how a 1.25% increase in CAP rates could impact the self-storage market from a property performance and valuation perspective.

Senior Housing Forecast via NIC

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Beth Mace, Chief Economist with NIC provides a forecast of the senior housing market for operators, investors and developers.

Self-Storage Industry Forecast

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Michael and Cory Sylvester,  Principal with Union RealTime discuss how the self-storage industry is performing and what investors can expect as the market is changing.

Investing in U.S. Student Housing Sector

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Michael and his guests share current performance, future outlook and investment tips for U.S. student housing market. Discussions include occupancy, rate growth, new supply levels, as well as expectations for future cap rates and enrollment levels moving forward.

Michael Bull on Success

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On this episode of America's Commercial Real Estate Show, host Michael Bull shares success tips for commercial real estate participants.

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Successful Technology for Commercial Property Owners and Retailers

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On this episode of America's Commercial Real Estate Show, Scott Amyx joins host Michael Bull to discuss principal success tips, including developer/ property owner success, technology changes for commercial space, tools to help tenants, transformative technology, and value-add solutions in commercial real estate.

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