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How Commercial Real Estate Decisions Impact Your Business

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Topics covered include lease terms that can severely impact business. How location and visibility impact your business. Using real estate to improve recruiting and retention. How real estate can improve morale and productivity.

The Atlanta Fed’s S&R’s View On Commercial Real Estate

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Michael discusses commercial real estate with Brian Bailey from the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.

Associations That Matter

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Associations are a great way to network, build relationships, enhance skills and do more business. The question is which associations are best for you and how can you get the most from your involvement.

Michael interviews leaders from top national commercial real estate associations about how their latest resources can benefit your business.

Commercial Rea Estate Crowdfunding Today

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The Jobs Act allows sponsors of group investing to advertise and utilize web sites to attract investors. The increased flow of capital from investors to sponsors of real estate investments online is expanding rapidly. "Accredited" investors can easily invest large or small amounts of money in properties and notes. And now non accredited, almost anyone, can invest in deals under one million dollars.

Michael and his guests discuss best practices for sponsors and investors.

24 Hour Cities

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Join host Michael Bull and his guest, Hugh Kelly, as they discuss Hugh's new book "24 Hour City."

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