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Social Media For Business

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Proper platforms for your business

* Successful strategies * Time management tips * Tools for success * How to measure results * Mistakes to avoid * In house or out house

Top Ten Issues Affecting Commercial Real Estate

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Each year the respected organization "The Counselors of Real Estate" produce their "Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate". Join us as Senior Research Executive Peter Burley, the 2016 Chair of The Counselors of Real Estate External Affairs Committee presents their top ten issues for 2016 - 2017.

Office Tenant Strategies

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Office Tenant Strategies

Discussions include

* Tips for securing the best office deal for your business

* Best Practices for office tenants

* Top mistakes to avoid on renewals

* How office design impacts your business

* Most crucial lease clauses for tenants

Debt - The Good, Bad and the Ugly

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* Tips for negotiating bank and CMBS loans 

* Successful maturity default remedies

* Restructuring CMBS loans

* Asset and debt management strategies

* Solutions for over leveraged business 

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