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Adaptive Reuse Strategies

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* Successful adaptive reuse strategies
* Selecting suitable properties
* Benefits and detriments of adaptive reuse
* Mistakes to avoid
* Attracting tenants and capital

REIS on Real Estate

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Ryan Severino, Senior Economist with Reis, joins Michael in Studio One to discuss their view and forecast on the U.S. commercial real estate market including the factors that may impact property level performance and returns moving forward in the various commercial real estate sectors.

Restaurant World 2016

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Join Michael and his guests as they explore current state and future of the restaurant industry. * Industry performance and expectations

* Expanding and contracting franchises

* Impact of minimum wage increases

*Impact of rising rents and occupancy

* Technology benefitting the industry

* Leasing and location advice

* Best practices for landlords and tenants.

Show Me The Money

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Join Michael and his guests as they discuss best practices, market intelligence and resources to power your funding requirements.

*Interest rate and equity requirement trends
*Best sources for various property types
*Underwriting and regulatory impact
*Tips for dealing with appraisals

Zoning For Dollars

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* Highest and best use strategies

* Timing, team and temperament

* Top mistakes to avoid

* Winning strategies

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