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Single Tenant Net Lease Investment Market Outlook

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Michael Bull and his guests share an enlightening look at the single tenant net lease investment market.
* Cap rate trends
* Drug store merger opportunities
* Impact of rising interest rates
* Tips for higher returns
* Active tenants

Teams Built to Dominate

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Rod Santomassimo, CCIM joins Michael Bull, CCIM in Studio One to share tips and strategies from his new book, Teams Built to Dominate.

Purchase "Teams Built To Dominate"

Inside Look - Attorneys Negotiating Lease and Sales Contracts

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Michael moderates high powered attorneys as they negotiate commercial lease and contract terms on air.

This show will touch on some ideas related to a few lease and contract issues. It does replace the requirement to obtain the advice of an attorney and a broker representing you in a lease or contract negotiation. Even the most seasoned and successful companies and investors engage representation from an attorney and broker prior to negotiating and executing leases and contracts.

Boom, Bust or Bubble

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Three different and very interesting views from respected analysts about the road ahead for commercial real estate.

* Current cycle timing: when good times end
* Rising interest rates impact on cap rates/value
* Bubble pricing because of low cost of capital?
* Is a correction on the horizon?

Crowdfunding for Investors and Sponsors

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The Jobs Act allows sponsors of group investing to advertise and utilize web sites to attract investors. The increased flow of capital from investors to sponsors of real estate investments online is expanding rapidly. "Accredited" investors can easily invest large or small amounts of money in properties and notes. And now non accredited, almost anyone, can invest in deals under one million dollars.

Michael and his guests discuss best practices for sponsors and investors.

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